Set Donation Initiative

Although we’ve extended the centre’s opening days this year to 31 October, our peak waterskiing and wakeboarding season is sadly drawing to a close. Townloch/NTS members can continue to ski after October, but this will be dependent on the weather and availability of volunteer drivers.

Although there’s still time (and hopefully good weather!) to use up sets we’d like to offer members and non-members the opportunity to donate an unused set to a “pot” which we would then make available to young people and people from economically challenged areas, to give them an opportunity to try skiing or boarding next season at Townloch.

If you’d be interested in donating a set, please email me at – or comment on our Townloch Facebook post.

We’ll update folks re how things are progressing and how the sets get used.

Many thanks in anticipation for your support for this initiative – looking forward to hearing from you.