On Thursday 29th July and Tuesday 3rd August (from 7-8pm), WWS will be hosting a third set of online coaching workshops and this one is for the wakeboarders…

This series will be hosted by former professional rider, professional coach and coach trainer Matt Crowhurst. Matt has been responsible for wakeboarding coach education and development at BWSW for nearly 10 years. He is currently one of the lead tutors and assessors but beyond this, Matt just loves coaching all forms of wake sports: boat and cable riding, wakesurf, wakeskate and more recently foiling, Matt loves it all. He is seriously passionate about coaching and ensuring everyone can get the most out of their water time. From understanding the finer techniques and nuances of a trick, to ensuring that everyone he trains stays motivated and passionate about the learning process.

The foundations of wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating and the more recent addition to the wake family – wake foiling – are often misunderstood and/or not given enough time in the learning process to ensure long term progression without the need to re-learn the basics.

In these first WWS interactive ‘wake’ seminars, Matt Crowhurst will discuss the fundamental techniques of each discipline for those who aren’t so familiar with them and for those who are, adding to their technical understanding with the goal of improving their performance.

With example videos and photos to analyse, submissions from participants, a Q&A session, everyone joining this seminar will walk away with a greater understanding of their chosen discipline and an enhanced ability to improve their riding.

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