Friends of Tournament – 200 Club

What is Friends of Tournament?

The Friends of Tournament Group was set up by the British Waterski and Wakeboard (BWSW) Tournament Committee and aims to support fundraising to assist our elite skiers to attend European and World Championships as well as promoting initiatives to help the continued development of Tournament Waterskiing in Britain.

What is the 200 Club?

The 200 Club is a lottery. Members purchase a number between 0-200 at a cost of £25 per month. Each month a draw takes place, with each purchased number going into a bag. Four numbers are then chosen at random hence a first, second, third and fourth prize. The results are often filmed and posted on social media. You can follow on the British Tournament Water Skiing Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why Join?

It costs less than £1 per day with the chance of winning between £160 and £600 each month (when the club is full) and you will also be supporting the development of the sport around the country.

Where does the money go?

32.5% of the money incoming each month goes towards prizes with the remainder building the fund. In October 2021 the first prize was £526.50. As a general rule, about 50% of the funds raised are used to support Team Travel with the remainder used for development initiatives such as the Development Camp which took place at the Town Loch NTS during 2021.

What happens to the leftover money?

After prize money, development days, squad training, and skier grants the remaining money stays in the fund. The income and expenditure to date can always be viewed on the resources sections of the Friends of Tournament website.

How do I join?

To join, simply complete a sign-up form and send it into BWSW! Anyone interested in supporting Tournament Waterskiing can take part and you do not need to be a BWSW member.

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