Townloch/NTS Seasonal Operating Hours

Last week’s not-so-summery weather has prompted us to update you about the operating hours of the centre as we move out of what has traditionally been known as ‘the water ski/board season’. Waterskiers and wakeboarders are a hardy and dedicated bunch but, as we all know only too well, the Scottish weather is often not very kind to us, particularly over Autumn and Winter. The ski/board season normally finishes in September – but we’re extending it to the end of October this year because we are conscious that COVID lockdown meant the season couldn’t start when it normally does and we want to give everyone a bit more time to enjoy our sport before winter kicks in. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us!

After October the centre will not be open to non-members until we reopen for Season 2021 – so we’d encourage these customers to use up any sets/bundles and vouchers (including anything outstanding from 2019 that you weren’t able to use as a result of the COVID restrictions) before the end of October. Otherwise you won’t be able to use them until the new season starts and they must be used by May 2021.

Depending on the weather and volunteer driver availability, members will still be able to ski/board at the centre after October. We’re working through how to manage that and will let you know once we have more info.

Member sets/bundles from 2020 are valid until end March 2021 but we’d encourage you to use them up before the end of December. Also, if you’ve also got any unused sets from 2019 that you couldn’t use as a result of COVID, you’ll need to use these up by the end of December too.

Many thanks for everyone’s support throughout this year – as you can see from the table below the COVID pandemic has had a significant impact and parts of 2020 have been incredibly difficult, for our members, customers, the club and other waterski/wakeboard clubs/venues across Scotland.

Club/Venue Sets Taken
Jun-19 Jun-20 Jul-19 Jul-20
Townloch, NTS 489 375 815 376

We’re delighted that, despite the COVID pandemic, many of you have been able to ski/board with us and are looking forward to seeing you over the next month(s) and in 2021. We want 2021 to be a great year – for you, our members and customers, and for the club – and are going to be using the winter months to re-think, plan and shape. Our aim continues to be to provide great member and customer experiences and grow participation at the centre – which is challenging given the very difficult financial constraints that the whole sport sector is currently facing. But, with your continued support, we know that there are some really great things that can be done at this centre – and are really looking forward to working with you to shape the future here.

As some of you may be aware, over recent years the centre has been managed by a full-time Operations Manager post, seasonal drivers and volunteer staff. We have made the difficult decision that in the current very difficult climate the full time Operations Manager post is not financially viable – and so the post will finish at the end of this season. We will let you know what the new resource structures will be as soon as we can – but first we need to do some detailed business modelling for the centre. In the meantime, we want to say a massive thank you to Kris Waz for all he has done in the role. Kris is a great asset to the sport and we hope that his involvement will continue for many years to come.