Statement from Carole Cooney

I wanted to update everyone about some changes that will be taking effect shortly. Firstly, I’m really sorry to advise that I’m stepping away from the WWS COO role – sorry because I have honestly loved the role and being part of an amazing team. But although I’m leaving the COO role I am absolutely delighted to be stepping onto the Board as an Independent Director. Recruitment for the COO role is underway and I’m sure there will be a lot of applications for this brilliant post.

I have loved working with the Directors and helping to lay the foundations of their vision for the sports of waterskiing and wakeboarding in Scotland. I know that there was a lot that needed to be changed at WWS and NTS – and I can honestly say that the Board you have in place now is working tirelessly to do this for you. I’ve had 20 years in senior management positions implementing cultural and operational change in both the private and public sectors. I’ve seen Directors on big salaries putting in much less effort than your current WWS Board does, and their level of commitment is astounding, particularly when you consider they are all doing this on a volunteer basis. But they can’t do it all on their own – change is not an easy thing to do – and you (the participants, clubs and operators) need to get on board and help. If there are 2 key things I’ve learned in my working life it’s these:

• If you look in your rear view mirror when you’re driving all the time you will almost certainly crash into something and write your car off…. Yes, learn from the past – but focus positively on the future.
• Criticising is way less effective than rolling up your sleeves and helping.

Coming in as a total outsider who had never been involved with the sport before, I was met by a welcoming, friendly and fun group of people who are very open to new ideas and really want to rebuild this sport. I’m only leaving the COO role to fulfil an ambition I’ve had since I was a young graduate and it took a lot of um-ing and aw-ing in the Cooney household – I really didn’t want to leave the team and WWS employment but unfortunately I can’t be in 2 places at once!

I’ve immensely enjoyed my time in the role and helping to lay the foundations for change, and hugely excited to be able to continue helping with this journey as a volunteer Director.