Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week – 5 Reasons for 5 Years

To mark the fifth anniversary of Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week 2021, Active Scotland are encouraging individuals to share the five reasons their chosen sport benefits their own health.

We asked some of our participants to tell us their five reasons and will be featuring these on our website and sharing them in our stories over the rest of the week.

Meet: Orla Winn

Orla is a wakeboarder based at Glasgow Wake Park. She finished 4th in the Under 18s category at this year’s Cable Wakeboarding Nationals.

Orla told us the 5 reasons she enjoys being active through wakeboard are:

“It’s a great way to keep fit, I’ve been able to travel because of it, it’s a sport that rewards creativity, I’m able to connect with others through the sport, and it’s focused on having fun!”

Meet: Georgina Hutchinson

Georgina has been waterskiing for 10 years and has been active in all three disciplines of slalom, trick and jump. She also wakeboards from time to time.

She was always a ‘water baby’ and loved swimming as a child which developed into a love for water-based activities. She was looking for a place close to home that she could windsurf and happened to find Town Loch. She couldn’t windsurf at Town Loch but was curious to find out what waterskiing was. On arrival at the centre, she watched a young girl trick skiing and thought she looked like a ballerina dancing on the water. Georgina turned to her mum and asked if I could give it a go. She’s been hooked ever since.

Georgina gave us the 5 reasons she thinks waterskiing benefits her health:

“It helps me de-stress – when I step out onto the water it is like every little worry about coursework just melts away, I’ve made friends from all counties, backgrounds and ages through a common love for the sport, it never truly feels like exercise, I’ve been able to travel the world, and I’m always learning something new so can never be bored”

Meet: Amy & Kim Johnston

Kim has been waterskiing for 6 years and is a WWS board member. Having enjoyed snow skiing for many years and she thought the idea of something similar on water sounded fun! In the beginning, waterskiing on two skis it turned out it did have a very similar feel to snow skiing. Progressing onto a mono-ski and slalom skiing has brought a more exciting and challenging experience – one Kim finds immensely addictive!  Kim loves that she can ski all year round and particularly enjoys practising the different disciplines of slalom skiing and trick skiing.

Amy enjoyed watching her mum waterskiing and decided to give it a go about a year and a half ago and has never looked back!

Kim told us the five reasons waterskiing benefits her health:

“I’ve found waterskiing to be a great all-around exercise, which always leaves you with a buzz, I love the flexibility of being able to waterski when it suits me, full focus is required so your head is immediately cleared from any of your day’s thoughts or stresses, it gives me personal challenges and doesn’t matter how I compare with other people and the nature of the sport has allows me to continue to enjoy it and develop throughout the pandemic.”

Amy gave us her 5 reasons too:

“It’s a lot of fun, I like that I get to meet new people, it’s good for me to be outdoors, it keeps me healthy, and I’m learning a new hobby and get to take part in fun competitions.”

We also asked Kim and Amy to tell us what they enjoy about being active together, Kim said:

It’s so nice to see my daughter Amy enjoying waterskiing too! It’s great that although we are at different levels in the sport we can go along and have fun together. We take turns to go out in the boat to watch and support each other. It’s nice to be so closely involved in her development in the sport. Many sports would require us to attend separate adult/child training sessions, so waterskiing has worked out to be a very family-friendly sport and one we enjoy doing together.

With Amy adding:

I like doing things with my family and not just by myself.

Meet: Valentina Colon

Valentina was inspired to take up waterskiing by her parents who had their own boat. She first visited Aberdeen Water Ski and Wakeboard Club 10 years ago, but then came back about 4 years ago and has been a member ever since. She loves the atmosphere at the club and the amazing location. The only reason she wasn’t a member earlier was that she didn’t have access to a car.

We asked Valentina to share the five reasons wakeboarding benefits her health. Here’s what she told us:

“Waterskiing definitely boosts my mood, helps me sleep, I always arrive home thrilled afterwards, I love catching up with friends and club members and the sport allows me to be outdoors which is important when you work from home!”

Meet: Erin Chan

Erin first experienced waterskiing on holiday in Corfu. She then joined Aberdeen Water Ski and Wakeboard Club about three years ago after deciding that only getting to waterski once a year just wasn’t enough.

Erin told us the five reasons waterskiing benefits her health are:

“The feeling of waterskiing is freeing, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long day, it’s a way to be sociable and active at the same time, the environment is so encouraging and it’s always a good laugh!”

Meet: Holly Grant

Holly decided to start wakeboarding this summer, around May. Her dad used to take her snowboarding when she was young and she wanted to put her knowledge from that to the test and see how she got on in the water. She planned to just go for one lesson but ended up loving it. Not just the wakeboarding itself but also the people who make up Aberdeen Water Ski and Wakeboard Club who were so welcoming they made her want to be a part of their club. 

We asked Holly to share the five reasons wakeboarding benefits her health. Here’s what she said:

“Wakeboarding allows me to socialise whilst keeping active, it’s great for building strength and improving balance, my swimming skills have improved loads, it helps to de-stress the body and mind and it helps me spend time outdoors!”