Max Rae: The Wakesurfing Bagpiper

12 year old Max Rae has become the first person in the country (if not the world) to play the bagpipes while wakesurfing at the same time. Scottish based Max fulfilled his ambition to combine two of his hobbies during a recent visit to LBD Wake School in Surrey.

A keen wakeboarder, Max regularly visits JB Ski in Thorpe where Lee Debuse, who runs the wake school, recently introduced Max to wakesurfing; a sport which involves surfing on the wake produced by a ski boat. During a recent wakesurfing lesson, the idea was hatched to combine this with Max’s other main hobby – bagpiping. Max has been playing the bagpipes for three years, and plays in the Dollar Academy school pipe band. He also plays at the Gleneagles Hotel, where he entertains guests with his piping, as well as the occasional wedding and special events.

Max said: “I love piping and wake surfing so it seemed like a great idea to try to do them both at the same time. I had loads of fun doing it; it was pretty cool!”

Max’s dad John said: “We bought a set of inexpensive pipes as there was no way we were putting Max’s good pipes anywhere near the water.  They don’t sound as tuneful, but they did the job. We had such a great time doing it, and he made it look easy, but it required considerable skill to do both at the same time.”

Max now aims to repeat the performance back in Scotland in the not too distant future – water temperature permitting!


For more information please contact John Rae on 07831 443141.