Launch of our new Wellbeing & Support page

Why we are launching a new Wellbeing & Support page.

Okay! Well let’s be honest, we have always shown an interest in our employees, members and participants wellbeing however, we can always do more.

This wellbeing & support page will signpost anyone involved with the delivery of our sport whether at the receiving end or at the supply end, it will contain robust information and contact details to ensure our sport will be enjoyed in an environment which is both safe and enjoyable.

What have we done so far?

Waterski and Wakeboard Scotland’s Chair along with its Board of Directors have implemented a Wellbeing (Equality) Champion along with a supporting working group.
This group will be responsible for developing all areas of wellbeing and equality on behalf of the sport.

What are we doing next?

• An official launch of our Wellbeing & Support page with reviewed policies, procedures and clearer links for better guidance and support.
• Organise 6 weekly wellbeing clinics for our staff/ volunteers and members.

This is an exciting development for us and we hope that with your backing we will be able to strengthen and develop our sport to reach its full potential.

Waterski and Wakeboard Scotland